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The development trend of injection molded products

        1. Highly integrated performance

        The injection molding products characterized by the combination of different materials, such as Mosaic molding, sandwich molding, multi-material composite molding, multi-color composite molding, fully reflect people's expectations for the composite performance of injection molding products. On this basis, people have to find ways to focus many functions on a product, which objectively requires the product to be highly integrated with various functions.

        2. Ultra-precision

        With the expansion of the application of plastics in the precision instrument industry, the superprecision of injection molding products is one of the inevitable trends of its development.

        3. Lightweight and thin-walled products

        Human resources are limited, and the saving of resources is mainly reflected in the saving of materials. The lightweight and thin-walled products mainly adopt foaming molding and fluid assisted molding under the premise of satisfying the use function, so as to reduce the demand of raw materials.

        4. Super small or super large

        In the process of application and development of injection molding products, due to the limited performance of molding equipment (mold and injection molding machine) and the material itself, the application in the formation of ultra-small products and ultra-large products is small. With the deepening of research on plastic materials and the development of mechanical control and manufacturing technology, the production of super-small or super-large products has become possible, so its application will gradually increase.

        5. Virtual injection products

        With the development of computer technology, people in the design, production, processing and trading of injection molding products are different from the traditional way of production and trading. People digitize injection molding products and display them through virtual reality technology, which can be used as the initial transaction model. In the early stage of production, people can use simulation technology to predict the performance of injection products and production process parameters. So virtual injection molding products technology will be one of the trends of the development of injection molding products, this technology will make the production of injection molding products, trading level greatly improved.